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Ozcelik Construction has been working in Turkish Construction Market for 30 years and have completed lots of Project until now and this 30 years experience has provided Ozcelik Construction to have stable and strong place in Turkey Market.

Ozcelik Electromechanical Company established by Ozcelik Construction to supply Electromechanical Equipment and turnkey services for these equipments to Turkish Energy Market Ozcelik Electromechanical supplies Turbines, Generators and Electromechanical Equipments for Hydropower Plants also provides turnkey services such as installattion and commissioning of the Electromechanical Equipments.



Francis are produced in horizontal or vertical designs for medium to high head. The Francis runner is often fitted directly to the generator shaft, which also ensures a compact construction and low maintenance.

Francis turbines are characterised by their optimal efficiency and high speed ranges.


Whether 1 to 6 nozzles, horizontal or vertical design, we offer the optimal solution for every application. Pelton turbines are primarily used for medium to high head. To achieve optimal efficiency with varying water quantities, the number of nozzles can be adapted.


Kaplan turbines are primarily used in the low head range with large volumes of water. Kaplan Type Turbines consist of four types these are Vertical Kaplan Type, Horizontal Bulb Kaplan Type, S-Type Kaplan and Pit Kaplan Type.


Generators are produced two types as horizontal and Vertical types according to the Project Characteristics.


The Coordination of the Turbine, Generator, Steel Water Intake Structures and Electrical Equipments have very important place in Hydropower Projects and perfection of this coordination provides most efficiency for the projects.

We also supply the Automation – SCADA sytem and electrical equipments which are included in the HEPP projects for perfect coordination of the Project with installattion and the commissioning service of this equipments.