Floating Solar Power Plants

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Floating Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plant | Energy | Electric

Floating Solar Power Plants

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Floating Solar Power Plant Market is rapidly increasing in the world. After the issuance of the new laws, regulations and notifications about Floating Solar Power Plant by Turkish Energy Ministry and institutions, Floating Solar Power Plant definition has entered into Turkish Energy Literature as the new Power Plant Type in Turkey in year 2020. In Turkey Floating Solar Power Plants became important resources for the Hydropower Plants and other type Power Plants which has Dam, Water Rezervoir and Cooling Lake or Dam.

Floating Solar Power Plants need high level know-how, technology and experience because of the importance of the Floating System belong to floating power plant and Underwater Structures of the Power plant. At the same time the choice of the Electrical Balance of Plant equipments which consist of PV Panel, inverter and other equipments are important because the power plant will be installed and be operated on the water.

Özçelik Electromechanical combined its long years electromechanical experiences with his worlwide leading solution partners which are expert to design and produce Floating systems of the Floating Solar Power Plants and Ozcelik gives EPC Service for Floating PV Power Plants with providing design, equipment and system Supply, Installation and Commissioning.

It is well known that, the efficiency and generation of the PV Panels and other solar systems increase up to or higher than %10 in high level sites becaue of the cooler weather conditions. Floating Solar Power Plants are operating in cooler areas because of the natural water cooling and Floating Solar Power Plants are generating %10 or higher energy than the open site PV projects in Same region.

It is sure that combination of the Sun and Water which creates Floating Solar Power Plant will improve the Solar Power Plants’ Energy Generation Share to higher levels in Turkish Energy Market.


Özçelik Electromechanic determines the suitable areas and lands for Solar Power Plant investments, prepares investment feasibility reports for his Customers and carry out the Licence procedures.


Özçelik Electromechanic provides EPC Service for the Solar Power Plant Projects from Engineering and Site Construction Works stage to Electricity Transmission Line connection, commissioning and Power Plant Acceptance Stage as fully responsible EPC Contractor.


Özçelik Electromechanic provides Maintenance and after sale service with his own local team.

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